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About Us is owned and operated by Wellwood Adami Ltd. which is owned and operated in the United Kingdom and is therefore subject to its laws and regulations. Accordingly you have the safety and security of dealing with a British company.

Our primary aim is to re-unite people with the administrators of their accounts (and therefore their money).

People often forget about their old bank accounts and in particular they forget to update the bank when they move house. Consequently they lose touch with each other. Through the passage of time banks / building societies merge, are taken over, close operations and even change their names. It can be difficult to keep up with the changes which banks & building societies progress through. Many people will have accounts which were issued by companies which no longer exist. This is where can help, by re-establishing the communication between you the accountholder and the company which now administers your account – you may find it very rewarding.

We simply want to help you find your money. At the same time, if we can help you understand more about your accounts, so much the better. Please feel free to use our extensive Glossary of Terms & Expressions; hopefully it will help your understanding when reading your account documents, schedules or statements.

Details of how we can be contacted can be found on our contact us page.

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