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We are always pleased to hear from the public with any comments or feedback about their experience in using the website or suggestions as to how it can be improved. Please feel free to contact us at Info[at]PolicyDetective[dot]com

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Often the press ask us to provide 'case studies' for customers who have used the site. We would love to hear from you, especially if you have some 'unusual' or interesting story to tell e.g. getting some money from an account which you thought was worthless or finding Granny’s old account which paid out enough for her latest holiday. The only thing that we would ask is that you must have used our site to find the necessary information.

We hope you find our site helpful - often we get positive feedback from users who feel they have 'discovered' a great site when they use for the first time. Hopefully you will feel the same and that you will recommend it to your friends and family!

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